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Teaching on General Cellular and Molecular Pathology 

Pathology plays an integral role in advancing the frontiers of biomedical research, education and patient care. A substantial investment in time and energy is needed to provide high standard in the education of graduate students, medical students, post-doctoral fellows and both academic and subspecialty pathologists. 

Teaching and learning are complementary activities that require active participation from both ends. This section is intended to provide a range of material to cover essential aspects in the emerging area of Molecular Pathology, taking general mechanisms as starting points. The topics will be covered using different formats, including journal clubs, online case study, and presentations modified for online viewing. These material will be then indexed and accessible for searching by topics. 

Principles of Pathology

This section is structured around presentations on general principles in pathology, relevant for the understanding of response to injury (at cellular and tissue levels), mechanisms of injury, general etiology, and pathobiology of neoplasms ... 

Molecular Pathology

This section is structured around presentations on molecular cellular mechanisms, relevant for the understanding of basic mechanisms and essential to put the techniques in perspective (limitations, troubleshooting) ... 

Journal Clubs & Journal WATCH

The journal club is an activity to review relevant Pathobiology topics, using published articles as triggering points ... 

Trainee's Corner

This subsection is intended to provide clues key for the understanding of pathological mechanisms. It should be most useful for training purposes and will be structured around demonstrative cases and two levels of difficulties: online case studies and case of the month. Presentations on selected diagnostic topics will be added progressively.

Online Case Studies (including Case of the Month)

The intention is continuously  format pathology cases for online viewing. These cases fall into several categories and reflect the broad scope of General Pathology ... 

Selected Topics

This subsection is intended for presentations of key pathologic processes and will begin on Essential Dermatopathology. ... 

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