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The journal club is an activity to review relevant Pathobiology topics, using published articles as triggering points.  The disease mechanisms are the main targets for these critical reviews. The discussion material and a link to the reference article(s) are available online.

The discussion will be focused on both original articles and review papers and will maintain the same structure throughout:

1 - The article review will be structured with the following headings: Highlights (bullet points, summary), Background (including the null hypothesis), Results, Implications (clinical and biological), Design Analysis (selection criteria, methods, expected results), and Related Papers. Additional Data Analysis will be provided in a separate section in a way similar to the Case Review.

2 - The review paper evaluation will focus on: Highlights (bullet points and summary), Background (context, content index), Mechanism Analysis, Pathway Evaluation, Unresolved Issues (clinical, biological), and Selected References.

3 - A journal watch will be included for brief reviews of 10 relevant papers covering background, main messages of research and comments.

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