Pathology, as a dynamic and rapidly evolving field, plays a pivotal role in diagnosis, research, and monitoring treatment. The field's complexity is exemplified by the incorporation of dramatic new developments in molecular biology and biotechnology, which need a continuous update.

The traditional line between different pathology disciplines grows fainter each day because new techniques permit the biochemical analysis of solid tissue samples, and advanced histologic methods are now routinely used to detect abnormal cells in body fluids. These synergistic efforts offer new insights by transcending the traditional boundaries of pathology.

Why was this name selected?

The web address is trying to express the place of Pathology between disciplines (basic and clinical sciences, classic and new technology) and the free broader distribution of knowledge between networks through internet. This is better expressed by the latin prefix “inter-”.


There are many web pages providing information on pathology and its specialties, why then this new one? The information is pretended to be useful for a whole range of professionals in Pathology, both practising and in training. The emphasis is going to be on the basic mechanisms (the so-called general pathology or principles of Pathology), incorporating molecular aspects that explain the morphological expression of diseases and their clinical implications (prognosis, therapy response). This should serve as the backbone of a continuous training aiming for a strong and robust foundation in our discipline. This website intends to promote knowledge on basic and molecular mechanisms of disease, and it is based on personal experience (a summary of my background can be obtained from my LinkedIn profile).

Key elements of this task are the teaching aspects of the molecular bases and their implications in the form of brief presentations and illustrative cases.


www www.interpathology.org

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